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Our Process

At McCloskey Financial Group we provide a personalized, comprehensive approach to help our clients realize their financial and life goals. As faithful stewards of family wealth, we believe that clients should not take unnecessary risks to achieve their goals.

The first step in reaching a goal is setting one. Once set, these goals require constant evaluation, objective advice, and sound planning. This is why our clients choose MFG. We are more than financial advisors. We are strategic partners with our clients. We work together with our clients to determine their priorities and vision of the future. Together, we create and monitor a plan to help them meet their goals with confidence.

Our friendly and personal manner makes the planning process easy and affirming. Here's how:

Identify Your Goals We work together to define and quantify your financial priorities.

Develop Your Plan We analyze your current situation and test it against your goals. Based on your risk tolerance we present an investment strategy that incorporates your needs and time horizon.

Implement Strategies We implement your investment strategy using specific investment vehicles. We coordinate our recommendations with other professional advisors as needed.

Evaluate Progress We not only monitor your progress, we constantly reevaluate it. Our proactive, client-centered approach means as life changes we'll help you adjust your investments to new priorities and goals that may arise.

The result is a strategic collaboration that will assist you in the stewardship of your future. It is a steady hand to help you navigate toward your objectives with confidence and clarity.